Liberty Slots player in seventh heaven after bagging $20,000 off three cents

Liberty SlotsOne lucky Liberty Slots player has landed herself almost $20,000 on the 7x Lucky Sevens slot – and she only wagered three cents!

Kim D, from Pennsylvania, started with a $2 bonus and began playing 25-cent spins in the daily free slots tournament. “This ain’t gonna last long,” Kim thought, so she changed tack and started playing 7x Lucky Sevens and wagered a tiny $0.03.

Unbeknownst to Kim, the three-reel slot has a must-win jackpot. That jackpot can be triggered at any time and it just so happened that Kim’s three-cent spin landed her a shedload of cash – $19,429.51 to be precise.

Tragically, Kim was widowed earlier this year. She said the money will be put towards paying off the house that she shares with her two children.

“I plan on saving my home…my husband passed away suddenly and very unexpected at the age 50 last month,” she says. “Me and my two children’s lives were shattered. On top of that, the mortgage company said the life insurance we had on my husband lapsed four years ago so I have to go on paying the mortgage.”

Anyone can win on 7x Lucky Sevens

Kim said she plays the daily free slots tournament “almost every day” and believes Liberty Slots ticks all the boxes when it comes to customer service.

“I read many reviews on which is the safest casino to play online and Liberty Slots has the best reviews on so many sites,” she says. “But my No.1 reason for sticking with Liberty Slots is the fact that the customer service is so friendly, kind, helpful and I always feel I’m being treated with respect.”

A Liberty Slots spokesperson says: “7x Lucky Sevens is a must-win jackpot and Kim’s experience proves that anyone can win. We’re very happy for her and wish her the very best.”

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